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Apply Now to the International Lynn University Conservatory Of Music

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                Lynn University’s Background
Lynn University is a private college named after Lynn’s ancestors (Christine E. and Eugene M. Lynn). The college, which is located near Boca Raton on Florida’s southeastern coast, was founded in 1963. The university’s six colleges award associate, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees, including the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Burton D. Morgan College of Aeronautics, College of Business and Management, Donald E. and Helen L. Ross College of Education, Christine E. and Eugene M. Lynn College of Communication and Design, and Lynn University Conservatory of Music (founded in 1992 and now part of the university). Every year, the conservatory hosts more than 50 performances. Undergraduate, graduate, day, freshman, and sophomore students at the Lynn University Conservatory of Music are eligible to participate in the International Lynn University Conservatory of Music.

Why should you attend Lynn University?
Modernize education to a high degree. In 2018, the institution, for example, started an iPad campaign. All students received iPads as part of this effort, which replaced traditional textbooks.
Lynn University provides over 45 undergraduate and graduate programs. The university was identified by Inside Higher Education as an institution with a higher level of academic rigor.
With more than 40 student organizations and clubs on campus, students are sure to find something that interests them.
The university offers a number of scholarships to deserving music students.
With the Lynn 3.0 program in place, students can take advanced subjects and graduate in three years instead of the traditional four.
International students account for around a quarter of the institution’s population, and the university has a long history of academic excellence.

The Lynn Institution Conservatory of Music opened in 1992 and was integrated into the university in 1999. The conservatory of music offers two sorts of scholarships. The first is a full-tuition scholarship, which is awarded to all undergraduate, graduate, day, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students who are admitted into the music department’s conservatory. As a result, students do not need to submit a separate application for this grant because all students receive a full-tuition scholarship. An audition is required for admission to the conservatory. The room and board scholarship is the second type of award.


Both domestic and international students are eligible for the scholarship
The scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate, day, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students.
The award is open to US citizens and permanent residents.

Supporting documents.

International students (F1 Visa) are required to provide the following supplementary documents:
latest signed copies of a student’s, spouse’s/(if partner’s applicable), and parents’/step-parents’ tax returns for the previous year
Earnings statement for the student, spouse/partner, and parents/step-parents
Financial statements for student, spouse/partner, and parents/step-parents’ accounts
A letter from the applicant’s sponsor detailing the total amount of anticipated funding for the 2020-21 academic year.
All financial records should have their amounts converted to US dollars. It is required that all documents be translated into English.

The International Lynn University Conservatory of Music Scholarship application process is as follows:
Domestic students must fill out the FAFSA application.
To sign the application electronically, first-time students will need to apply for an FSA ID. Include the school code for Lynn University – 001505 – as well.
International students must fill out the International Music Student Housing Application, which may be found here.
International students must also submit the above-mentioned supporting documentation.
All materials should be sent to

Procedure for selection
The Office of Student Financial Services evaluates applications (SFS). In addition, a recommendation is provided to the Conservatory of Music on the candidates’ financial aid eligibility. The Conservatory of Music makes the final decision on whether or not an applicant is eligible for a scholarship and the amount awarded.

The International Lynn University Conservatory of Music Scholarship has a number of advantages.
All Conservatory of Music students receive a full tuition scholarship.
For those that qualify, there is a housing allowance. The amount is determined by the Conservatory of Music.

The deadline for all applications is February 14, 2023.

A short description
Lynn University University
Award: complete tuition and housing allowance from the Conservatory of Music
Citizens of the United States and international students
Online manner of access

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