The main motive behind me advising you to eat vegetarian / vegan food is that one of the vegetarian diet benefits is they are more fibre dense. They are rich in antioxidants and fibre.

It is said that what you eat is what you are.

They contains more micronutrients which are overall healthier for the body in the long term as organs work more smoothly and without any obstruction.

Look i am not saying to adapt to vegetarian diet just because i want to stop animal violence which is also a reason why people should stop eating meat.   

No animal needs to die in order for me to live. And that makes me feel good.

But, saying in general is vegetarians/ vegan are more often leaner and healthier than non vegetarians people.

Vegetarians/ vegan tends to be less obese as they derived food from vegetarian protein found in plant sources.

Meat is a part of a decaying corpse.

Vegetarianism / vegan removes aggressiveness in our mind. Take a look at elephant, rhinos and other herbivore animals.

They are calm and non violent and do no harm other unless in defence.Unlike, lion who are carnivores and eat only flesh.

People eat meat and think they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass.

Following a healthy vegetarian/ vegan diet not only have physical benefits by which a person can have a longer lifespan.

But also have a balanced mental health where one can live long and more peacefully is the world needs right.

Vegetarian diet benefits isn’t rocket science what people have made it to be and moreover concern about nutrients .

It’s just that most people are so focused on meat sources  that it is really hard for them to focus on vegetarian diet.

Listen, when i was in my teenage my friends use to force me to eat chicken which i was quiet disgust about. Once i saw a chicken beheaded and thrown into a basket so he can die slowly and i was so furious that how can someone just kill a living being and just don’t get affected by it.

For, those who say plants are also living being cause i have confronted so many people in my life saying vegetarians eat plants are also living things and we eat them here is a quick comparison below. Plus vegetables don’t scream

courtesy to the owner

Some people opt to be a vegetarian but with minor glitches where they commit to follow vegetarian diet but will eat eggs only or fish only.

Vegetarian are of different types.

Starting from the trending ones.

The vegans – they eat strictly plant based food and stay away from animal based products altogether like milk dairy products and products containing ingredients of animal products.  They drink almond milk or soya milk instead of milk. They eat tofu instead of cottage cheese.

The lacto-ovo vegetarians – They consume egg and all vegetarian food but they don’t consume meat and fish etc.

The lacto vegetarian – They eat all vegetarian food and excludes all the meat based products including eggs from their diet


India has the largest no of vegetarians in the world

Even McDonalds and kFC have vegetarian offerings just for Indians.

Cholesterol found in animal products is killing 870000 people per year.

So, it is not just you killing an animal in the long run he is eventually going to kill you period. haha..

I went to Singapore trip in my college days and what i found was Vegetarian diet for them means anything vegetarian but with eggs. I was so cautious about the food i ate in Singapore.

Thankfully, there is a  place called little India in Singapore where you  can find all Indian delicacy.

There are personal preferences to be healthy . Vegetarian diet has proved  they  tend to have improved health  including lower obesity rates , lower risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure. Also, vegetarians tend to consume a lower numbers of calories from fat and fewer overall calories, and more fiber, more vitamin c. These characteristics plus lifestyle factors may contribute to the health benefits among vegetarians.

In conclusion, We cannot eat dead food and feel alive.


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