AYUSH Ministry Intent Yoga For Covid-19 Patients.

ayush ministry

Ayush ministry has started planned yoga sessions for covid-19 patients to benefits them with yoga asana, which helps relieve congestion in the respiratory system.

Kapalabhati (Skull Shining breath) is very useful in improving severe respiratory conditions. This session will be conducted until India is entirely free of corona virus.

The ministry received 500 applications from the department of science and technology to deeply study and implement the yoga sessions for the patients.

The Ayush ministry is jointly working with esteemed yoga research institute across India on three projects. Said, ministry officials.

Dr. Ishwar v. Basavaraddi director, Morarji Desai from the national institute of yoga, Ayush ministry, said we had engaged 30 yoga instructors in the covid centers directly run by the Delhi government who would take morning sessions of yoga for 3 hours every day.

Covid-19 attacks respiratory system causing shortage of oxygen.

In addition to this, we have undertaken yoga sessions for covid 19 patients in the other 11 districts.

Those who have been previously exposed to corona virus or covid-19 patients such as family members or medical professionals the same yoga sessions will also be conducted for them.

He also said that several pieces of research have indicated that yoga is a great way to rejuvenate mental and physical wellbeing.

Concerns has been raised internationally about boosting immunity naturally due to corona virus pandemic.

The united nations has also included and embraced yoga where 175 out of 193 countries have multilaterally agreed to celebrate international yoga day every year on June 21.

India’s infected coronavirus has increased drastically, followed by an increase in testing. The recovery rate has gone up to 52% in mid-June to more than 63% by mid-July.

According to the ministry of health, and active welfare cases were 358,920 on July 18, while the number of cured cases were 651,274.

Mumbai has cases near to 100,000 mark. Maharashtra has been severely hit by the corona virus pandemic, primarily urban areas like

However, the recovery rate is around 70%, which is higher than the national average and nearly 15% more than Maharastra as a whole, with a recovery rate of 55.62%.

While, Patients recovered from the corona virus is 67,830. Till now, the no of active cases is 24,307,

The strategy of advising home isolation for mild and asymptomatic patients has reduced overall active cases and reduced the burden on hospitals.

The main priority is to treat severe cases requiring intensive care and ventilator beds. Almost 80% of the asymptomatic and cases having mild symptoms have been advised for home isolation.

Less than 1.94% of the cases are in ICU’s, while 0.35% of cases are on ventilators, and 2.81% are on oxygen beds, the health ministry said.

On a global level, cases per million population in India is four eight times lesser than the European countries, the ministry said.

Being the second-most populous country in the world with 1.35 billion people, India has 727.4 cases per million.

Where the actual cases in India stand at only 358,920 more than 650,000(63.33%) of total cases have been recovered.


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