nathan de asha will debut in arnold classic 2020


Nathan the asha will be competing in his debut arnold classic 2020 receiving the invitation for the same replacing roelly winklaar this year.

This was the announcement.

DeAsha turned professional after winning the 2014 British Championships. So far in his career he has had six victories.

Nathan de asha competed in Mr olympia 2016 his incredible physique as a eye open to everyone and immediately got a lot of attention.

He won new york pro in 2018 which is one of the most prestigious shows in bodybuilding. He has been qualified 4 times for Mr olympia and competed in 3 for them.

He got 15th position in the first year of his career as a pro card holder in the 2016 Mr Olympia.

He has been one the best and sought after pro card holder and mens open bodybuilders standing against with big names in the competition like phil heath, dexter jackson, big ramy, shawn rhoden.

De asha also competed in the south korean monsterzym pro and won the title which also let him to get qualified for the arnold classic 2020.


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