vegan diet for fat loss

I’m a vegetarian / vegan what can I eat ? you know I hear it all the time people assume that the plant paradox is not for them because they eat meat or they are not following a vegan diet for belly fat loss .

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There are so many vegetarian or Vegan diet for belly fat loss-friendly option.

In fact, I eat vegetarian diet myself, but I don’t fill up on grains, and I don’t get my protein from soy more often instead

I rely on five super vegetarian foods that are planted paradox approved and delicious source of vegan diet for fat loss.

The first one


vegan food for fat loss

Avocado, and it’s one of my favourite foods, in fact, I ate avocado just about every day,

in fact, it’s the one fruit you don’t have to eat in moderation

And its first of my list in vegan food for fat loss.

It’s got barely any sugar and the perfect blend of healthy fats

Avocados have soluble fibre to keep your gut bugs happy.

With almost as much protein as egg avocados do a great job keeping you full.

There are high protein vegetarian food sources as well hope you like it.

That’s why I tell my friends and website clients to start each day with a whole avocado.



We’ve got leafy greens dark leafy greens like spinach kale, and collard greens are among the healthiest foods on the planet. These are some ultimate vegan food for fat loss.

Believe it or not, they’ve got plenty of protein just think about it some of the biggest most muscular mammals on the planet horses.

Gorillas, for example, eat vegetarian diets. They’re getting enough protein and nutrients to go about their days that’s because they know they can get all the protein they need.

so, can you definitely include in your vegan diet fat loss.



Mushrooms they’re high in protein as far as vegetables are concerned but that’s not the only reason they’re great for keeping your body fuelled up which might prove to be best vegan food for fat loss.

You see mushrooms are heavy in Fructooligosaccharides.

Fructooligosaccharides a form of indigestible sugar that your gut bugs love.

There’s no better way to keep you full happy and comfortable than keeping your gut bugs happy that’s part of the reason I love corn grumbles.

As a replacement for meat there vegetarian made mostly of mushroom root sand have a great meaty texture.

You can in no doubt can include mushrooms in your indian vegan diet for fat loss.

Up next,


Nuts now, not all nuts are created equal in fact some nuts aren’t nuts at all their seeds like cashews or legumes like peanuts, but walnuts pecans pistachios and macadamia nuts are all wonderful for you.

These are great vegan food for fat loss for sure.

They’re packed with good fats are filling and are high in protein and studies have even shown that people who eat nuts every day live longer healthier lives than those who don’t

But, what about almonds their skins contain lectins so if you’re eating blanch or marcona almonds you’re fine the plain old almonds should be avoided.

If you are preparing a vegan diet plan you gotta include nuts in your vegan diet for belly fat loss.

Last but not the least,


Yes right beans but thevegfitness don’t you know beans have lectins absolutely but there’s a great way around that pressure cooking it kills almost all the lectins and beans making them safer to eat and great vegan food for fat loss.

Don’t worry modern pressure cookers aren’t the scary spring loaded ready to blow contraptions of the past

They’re safe and easy to use and you only hit one button but if you want even easier, shop for canned beans they’re already pressure cooked to minimize lectins.

They come in a bpa-free can just remember pressure cooking doesn’t get rid of all electrons in your food so save beans even pressure cook beans for special occasions for vegan diet for fat loss.

Always remember you can get plenty of protein from plants especially things like greens cruciferous vegetables roots and tubers

So, if you’re a vegetarian who is curious about the plant paradox or if you’re trying to eat less meat we all should keep these five super foods in mind your gut and your body will thank you.

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