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Study in Canada

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Canada is a great place to study. Scholarships are designed to improve chances for Canadian post-secondary institutions to welcome overseas students on short-term study or research exchanges from a variety of nations and territories. In line with the objectives of Canada’s International Education Strategy, successful Canadian post-secondary institutions will have the chance to strengthen and diversify their international ties, as well as promote their academic and research excellence in new markets.

The program’s new links will expand and improve Canada’s educational engagement with a wide range of partners, strengthen bilateral ties, and complement the government’s larger international trade diversification objectives.

Responsibilities and roles 

  • submit applications on behalf of qualified individuals;
  • raise awareness of this scholarship opportunity among their teachers and staff, as well as partner institutions from qualifying countries/territories;
  • Sign a Contribution Agreement with DFATD and disburse scholarship funds to successful candidates; rank applications based on the institution’s strategic priorities;
  • identify a single person responsible for application submission; sign a Contribution Agreement with DFATD and disburse scholarship funds to successful candidates;

Scholarship candidates

Candidates interested in this scholarship program should:

  • make their interest known to their home institution;
  • find out if there is an existing institutional collaboration or exchange agreement between their home institution and a Canadian institution;
  • request information from their home institution about the application process and selection criteria specific to the Canadian partner institution; and
  • ensure they meet the eligibility requirements.

Post-secondary institutions from eligible countries/territories

Post-secondary institutions from eligible countries/territories should:

  • communicate with partner institutions in Canada to confirm or explore institutional collaborations and student exchange agreements;
  • promote this scholarship opportunity through their international offices;
  • identify candidates who meet the eligibility and admission requirements for the Canadian partner institution;
  • provide supporting documents for their candidates to the Canadian partner institution, which is responsible for submitting the scholarship applications; and
  • advise selected candidates to gain additional linguistic training and intercultural skills before their departure.

Successful applicants

Scholarship recipients agree to:

  • engage in full-time studies or research as defined by the Canadian institution;
  • arrive in Canada for the uptake of their award between August 1, 2022 but no later than February 1, 2023. Failure to arrive during this time may result in the cancellation of the scholarship.
  • abstain from clinical training or clinically-oriented research involving direct patient-care;
  • focus primarily on full-time studies or research during their stay in Canada; and
  • return to their home institutions after the scholarship period to complete their studies.

Additional information

  • the scholarship administrator will not provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates;
  • scholarships cannot be deferred and are not renewable;
  • scholarships are subject to availability of funding from the Government of Canada;
  • scholarships are not taxable for either the Canadian institution or the scholarship recipient.

Competition: Closed for the 2022-2023 academic year

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